[Rt-devel] [Patch] Allow specification of start_tls options in RT::Authen::ExternalAuth

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Mon Jun 8 12:44:03 EDT 2009

On Jun 5, 2009, at 10:27 AM, Benjamin Boksa wrote:

> I am in the process of setting up RT 3.8.3. The LDAP server I am  
> working with requires a client certificate when using TLS, so I had  
> to modify RT::Authen::ExternalAuth (against trunk in Rev. 19912).  
> Hope I did everything right (espacially regarding the format of the  
> patch) - would be glad to get some feedback, please feel free to  
> include the patch in the next release.

This looks ok to me, but I don't have an ldaps to test it against

RT-Authen-ExternalAuth is maintained separately from RT, so you should
probably send a copy of this patch to the rt.cpan.org queue,  
directions are here:



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