[Rt-devel] Can I "age" a ticket?

Gabriel - IP Guys Gabriel at impactteachers.com
Wed Sep 16 11:47:46 EDT 2009

I would like to know if it is possible for the priority of a ticket to
increase based on the amount of time the ticket was created. For
example, a ticket is created in the help queue, with an initial priority
of 30, and every hour it is in the queue, it's priority increases - and
maybe for some slower queues, we can increase the priority daily,
instead of hourly.


Basically, for something like the help queue, if we say that we solve
all issues in the help queue within 10 hours, (I say ten hours because
of the maths!) then every hour, the ticket should increase in priority,
100/10 hours in queue. So in this example, something will come into the
queue with a default priority of 10, and after 1 hour, it will rise up
to 20, after 2, become 30 etc. After 10 hours, (when we failed to hit
target!), it'll be 100% priority, (but prior to this,  it should have
been moved to another queue, or resolved).


It's just an idea, and my first post to the list, so be nice!


Kind Regards,

Mr Gabriel


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