[Rt-devel] Possible bug in Rt 3.8.7 SelfService ?

Bram rtdevel at lists.wizbit.be
Fri Jan 8 14:23:29 EST 2010

> It looks like the problem starts in share/html/Elements/PageLayout at
> these lines :
> % $m->callback( %ARGS, CallbackName => 'BeforeBody' );
> % $m->flush_buffer(); # we've got the page laid out, let's flush the buffer;
> (I don't have such callback AFAIK)
> loaded by the html/SelfService/Elements/Tabs page.

That is unlikely to be the problem...
There are some more things you can try tho:

a) run wireshark and check if queries are being executed on the  
database (and what queries)

b) modify /opt/rt3/bin/webmux.pl and add the code :

     $SIG{USR1} = sub {
         my $i = 0;
         $RT::Logger->debug("Recieved USR1 signal; dumping stack!");
         while (my @c = caller($i)) {
            $RT::Logger->debug("STACK: $i: " . join(" & ", @c));
        $RT::Logger->debug("Stack dupmed");
        die "the end";

When the process is looping:
    kill -USR1 process_id_of_process_that_is_looping

That should show the stack in the rt log file...

Best regards,


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