[Rt-devel] Problem with MakeClicky

Brian D bjd-dev at simplicity.net
Mon Jan 11 11:22:46 EST 2010

Has anyone else experienced this issue with MakeClicky?

It appears to be triggering an internal perl assertion with Regular
Expressions, this doesn't look like an easy one to troubleshoot...

In some cases it is preventing the display of the entire ticket, in
others it is only printing this message in the display at one point of
the output.

Wed Jan 06 11:22:37 2010   The RT System itself - Outgoing email
recorded  [Show]
Assertion rx->sublen >= (s - rx->subbeg) + i failed: file "regcomp.c",
line 5109 at /srv/www/htdocs/rt/Elements/MakeClicky line 162


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