[Rt-devel] Connecting from one script to multiple RT

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Thu May 6 16:34:07 EDT 2010

On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 03:13:48PM -0500, Seth Galitzer wrote:
> Why not just upgrade the production server?

I'm not going to explain here all the background here, versions doesn't
matter, the need is
as I explained, there is 2 RT servers with different versions, and we
wan't to move one queue with all tickets contents from one RT to
another. Of course there will be a lot of ids changes (for every object,
but it's not the problem here, I now how to do this and if I found no RT
api solutions, I can go the SQL way, but I always prefer to use api
that's easier ;)

the problem is that I have to walk through objects collection on src RT,
and inside this loop I have to do things on the other, I didn't tried,
but I suppose that if I play with RT::Handle at this time it will break
current loop...

well let's sleep, and hope an acceptable solution will appear ;)

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