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Richard Harman rt-devel at richardharman.com
Tue Sep 14 00:12:43 EDT 2010

Now available as a full fledged extension!

I just uploaded the first release of RTx-AttachmentZip to github at

It tweaks the ShowAttachments mason component add 'Download attachments
as a zip archive | Current | All |'.

I also just uploaded it to CPAN, so in a few days you should be able to
run 'CPAN -i RTx::AttachmentZip'


On 09/07/10 18:13, Richard Harman wrote:
> Github commit for easy pulling:
> http://github.com/warewolf/rt/commit/214bdb927992897820680b2da73a21786e03b249
> Attached diff against 3.8-trunk.
> This modifies the Ticket/Elements/ShowAttachments component to link to
> a dhandler in Ticket/AttachmentZip that will create a zip file
> containing all the attachments associated with a ticket in RT.
> This is a proof of concept that I intend to make one more change to,
> but at the very least it works.  Please review/comment/butcher/etc. 
> The only other change I'd like to make is an option of downloading
> just the "current" (most recent) revision of an attachment rather than
> all of them.
> Richard
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