[Rt-devel] Mysql -> Oracle RT 4.0.0rc7

Scott T. Hildreth shildret at scotth.emsphone.com
Wed Apr 6 16:39:02 EDT 2011

We need to convert our RT db to Oracle, so I ran an upgrade on our
current rt db (3.8.4) and then ran the migration tool from sqldeveloper.
The migration tools created several triggers to emulate the
autoincrement fields of mysql.  Do these triggers need to be there?  I 
assuming that the RT code uses nextval from the oracle sequences.  To
try and answer this myself, I thought I would have rt4 install the db
and see if the triggers are created.  When trying to run 'make initialize-database',
I keep getting a connect error,

Failed to connect to dbi:Oracle:host=localhost;sid=rt4 as user
'rtadmin': ORA-24327: need explicit attach before authenticating a user
(DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin)

If Oracle is the db type, I don't think that a host param should be used.  At least
in our case all host/port info is setup in tnsnames.ora.  Our new rt4 db  will be 
on a rac system, so we only want the tnsnames entry used ('dbi:Oracle:rt4'). If a hardcoded host 
and port are used it may not use all available nodes.   'rt4' is an alias, the underlying host, 
port, and service name can change without affecting RT.  Did I setup the config wrong or 
how can I change RT not to add the host param.

Thanks You


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