[Rt-devel] problem with dashboard email and charts with umlauts in query

Christian Loos cloos at netsandbox.de
Mon Aug 1 16:57:54 EDT 2011


if a dashboard contains a chart with a query that contains umlauts the
chart graphic shows no tickets in the dashboard email but the chart
within dashboard in the Web UI shows the correct tickets.
The ticket table shows always the correct tickets.

To verify this bug in an vanilla RT:
* create a ticket with the subject "test äöü"
* create a search with "Subject LIKE 'test äöü'"
* create a saved chart from the previous search (group by whatever)
* create a dashboard with the previous saved chart and an subscription
with your email address
* /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-email-dashboards --all

Originally I found this bug in RT 3.8.6 where instead of the chart
graphic within the email there was only "No tickets found.".
I tested with 3.8-trunk and 4.0-trunk and there is an chart graphic but
it also shows no tickets.


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