[Rt-devel] adding a new section in tickets display

SathiyaMoorthy SP jobs.sathiya at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 10:30:52 EDT 2011


I would like to a new section with certain columns & rows. Similar like
basics or people section, i am thinking of adding a new section for Ticket

I understand like, i have to add required tables to database. But which is
the best way for showing the new section, allowing the user to *add, edit,
delete* to the new section - which part of the code i should look at.

So far, i came to know that, i have to write required callbacks, edit HTML
files, things like that.

But i would like to know what are the files i should look at ? What is the
best method ? Is there any official documentation available ? A normal user
who knows perl can do it ? or not ?

Thanks for any of your reply.

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