[Rt-devel] Dashboard weekly and m-f subscription issues, with patch for v4.0.2

Jim.H.Berry at frb.gov Jim.H.Berry at frb.gov
Mon Aug 22 16:14:32 EDT 2011


We noticed a few issues relating to Dashboard subscriptions: 

1.  In rt-4.0.2, there is an error determining when to email a weekly 

2.  When we subscribe to a dashboard with frequency m-f,  it is shown as 
subscribed "None"  in the Dashboards summary table. (The dashboard is 
emailed as expected)  This was reported with a patch for v3.8 by Gerard 
Fenelon in February 2011,  but apparently a fix was not made for v4.x. 

3. The subject of the email for a Monday - Friday dashboard appears as 
"[...] M-f Dashboard..."    instead of M-F or Mon-Fri.  Certainly not a 
big deal, but easy to adjust. 

Attached are patches for rt-4.0.2 which seem to address these 3 issues. 

Jim Berry 
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