[Rt-devel] [PATCH]: Show only the Queues that have open tickets in them

Andreas Marschke xxtjaxx at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 28 09:13:44 EST 2011

Hi everyone!

This is my first patch so please be gentle and tell me where I went
This Patch applies to 3.8.8 and should in theory also appoly for
3.8.10. It was tested on a Debian system with a rt3.8.8 installed.

In larger environments with lots of customers and a queue-per-customer
strategy for managing incoming tickets, RTs QueueSummary is becoming
an issue.

Suppose you have an instance of RT v3.8.8 with about 20-30
queues. Going through these as a single dispatcher just to look for
that one ticket that came this morning is a big work load for really
minimal benefit. Therefore I patched share/html/Elements/QueueSummary
to show only those Queues that have an open or new ticket in them. 

I believe more than just a few people here do have had this experience
or had reports of it at their companies.

I would appreciate any feedback you have about it. 


Andreas Marschke
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