[Rt-devel] Upgrading a gigantic 3.4.4 database to 4.0?

Jeff Albert jralbert at uvic.ca
Wed May 4 16:35:43 EDT 2011

Hi List,
Now that RT 4.0 is out, I've finally been granted resources to move forward from our existing RT 3.4.4 install. The challenge we've been having with that existing install is that it's huge - over 17GB on disk, with on the order of 250,000 tickets in 71 active queues, and roughly a hojillion attachments.

At this point I'm working with a new server and a clone of the 3.4.4 database, trying to get through the RT 4.0 schema update steps, and the 'ALTER TABLE Attachments...' query is running for many hours and then dying, apparently unsuccessfully; I presume the issue is the number and size of blobs to be processed.

Do the fine folks of this list have any suggestions for how to move forward? I have been instructed that all of our ticket and transaction history must be preserved, so I can't just arbitrarily shred old items. I had been considering the idea of splitting RT into several smaller instances by organizational unit - could I use rt-shredder on a clone of the 3.4 database to delete queues, tickets and attachments not required for a given instance, then upgrade to 4.0 from there on the smaller database? I am hopeful for any suggestions you might have.

Jeff Albert
Senior UNIX Systems Administrator
University of Victoria
jralbert at uvic.ca<mailto:jralbert at uvic.ca>
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