[rt-devel] Fetchmail processing order

m4rco- marcoxiii at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 06:12:24 EDT 2012

Howdy all,

I'm experiencing a strange issue while processing incoming email
through RT-mailgate, and couldn't find a solution yet.
When fetchmail retrieves the emails from the IMAP server, RT processes
them not in the correct order (from the oldest, to the newest).
This behavior provokes RT to reject status update emails because they
are processed before the ticket-creation ones.

Do you have any clues about how I can manage this?
Have been thinking about managing it by coding an RT mail-plugin, but
i'm quite sure there is a simpler solution at the system/daemon level.

My OS is RedHat 4

and my fetchmail configuration is:

poll protocol IMAP
        user "issues" there with password "xxxx" is SysAdm here
options nofetchall keep

thank you


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