[rt-devel] Attachment Preview Extension

Nathan Baker bakern at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 09:40:48 EST 2013

Hello Everyone,

We are using RT for our help desk, and we've recently been considering
using RT for our Document Management department that processed incoming
faxes, emailed documents, etc. that are mostly in PDF format.  There are a
couple enhancements I can think of that would help with this processing.

1) Show a preview of attachments in the ticket display page.  I think this
could be done just by replacing the current <div> or <a> tag with an
<object> tag, or maybe it would be better to use a javascript library to
allow quick full-screen view.

2) Add a new column that can be used in the dashboard portlets that will
have links to the ticket attachment(s) for quick viewing of the document
without going into the ticket page first.  This will allow them to find a
particular document faster if they are looking for a particular one.

I have searched and didn't find anything that would do this, does anyone
know if something like this exists already?  If not, would anyone else be
interested in an extension for this purpose?

I thought about attempting this using the attachment-as-zip extension as a
starting point (https://github.com/warewolf/rt-extension-attachmentzip),
but I'm not very good with perl so I thought I would check here first.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  And thank you all for your
work on such a great product!

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