[rt-devel] ProcessTicketLinks

Raed El-Hames Raed.El-Hames at daisygroupplc.com
Fri Jun 7 07:17:28 EDT 2013

Thanks Kevin, that was the issue .. fixed now ..
By the way on a related note, have you folks put any thought into a clean unmerge function ?? I know its been debated over the past few years and wondering why you have n't done it .. is there a reason that I should be aware off ?? my unmerge function:
Sets the effective id back to == id
Resets the status back to open
Removes any requestors from $self-> that exist in the unmerged ticket unless these existed in $self before the MergeInto transaction time ..


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On Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 04:27:10PM +0000, Raed El-Hames wrote:
> Apologies for the long signature , its not in my control.
> I have created an unmerge function that worked well in 3.8 , however now I have moved to 4.0.10 it stopped working as expected.
> The problem I have is ProcessTicketLinks not being called from my
> local/lib/RT/Interface/Web_Local.pm and instead its being called from
> the main lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm
> I have other functions in Web_Local.pm (example ShowRequestedPage) which are being called correctly .
> Have I missed anything special about ProcessTicketLinks ?? Any
> pointers will be greatly appreciated

You didn't include your code, so this is just a guess, but since ShowRequestedPage is in the RT::Interface::Web package while ProcessTicketLinks is in the HTML::Mason::Commands (to make it available easily to Mason components) I'm guessing that you don't have correct package lines.


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