[rt-devel] RT pages without links

CLOSE Dave Dave.Close at us.thalesgroup.com
Mon Oct 28 15:20:15 EDT 2013

Asked on rt-users but apparently no one there can help.

I recently moved our copy of RT 3.8.7 from Fedora 8 to Fedora 19. I
would have preferred to concurrently upgrade to the latest RT but had
some problems converting the data base. So in the interest of time, I
took the simpler approach of just copying the entire installation.

It works, mostly. In fact, the only problem I see is that ticket lists
on the dashboards are not links. Comparing the old and new installations
(both are running though DNS leads users to the new one), I see almost
exactly the same page layout and content. There are two obvious differences.

1. Font selections are different. This is not critical and the new fonts
are usable. It's clearly an Apache difference.

2. On the default home page, the tickets listed under "highest priority"
and "newest unowned" are not active links. Comparing the page source for
old and new installations, it is obvious that the href tags are simply
not present on the new output. Other items, like the queue summary, do
have working links as they did before.

Digging through the source code, I quickly got lost. I can see where the
collection-as-table class is specified but not where the associated
variables are added. It seems likely to me that something in F19 is
confusing RT but thus far I haven't found what. If I could see where the
variable information was added to the output, I suspect I'd see some
kind of test that is now getting a different answer and that that test
would lead me to the solution.

So, if anyone can tell me the cause of my problem right away, that would
be much appreciated. But, if not, then a clue on where to look in the
source code might help almost as much.
Dave Close

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