[rt-devel] Adding field to modify TicketObj priority with AfterOwner callback

Rhys Hanrahan rhys at nexusone.com.au
Tue Jan 14 17:25:02 EST 2014

Hi All,

We're running RT 3.8.7 presently. I'm basically trying to add a field to the new ticket creation UI, so that the priority on new tickets can be set immediately, rather than having to create -> go to basics -> set priority.

The AfterOwner callback gives most agreeable positioning on the creation UI, so that's the callback I've gone with. However, looking at the callback definition in Ticket/Create.html, it looks like the TicketObj is not passed into this particular callback:

% $m->callback( CallbackName => 'AfterOwner', ARGSRef => \%ARGS );

I could modify the call to pass the ticket, I suppose, but the whole point of using the callback is to avoid modifying the core code. So I'd rather not!

The following is what I have so far, can anyone advise how I might be able to modify my callback code to set the priority on the ticket that is being created:


my $ArgsRef = $ARGS{'ARGSRef'};
my $priority = $ArgsRef->{'Priority'};
my $queueObj = new RT::Queue($session{'CurrentUser'});
RT::Logger->info("RT10205: Entering AfterOwner callback");
RT::Logger->info("RT10205: Priority: " . $priority);
RT::Logger->info("RT10205: Queue: " . $queueObj->Name);
if ($priority == 0)
        RT::Logger->info("RT10205: Priority is 0, setting to: " . $queueObj->InitialPriority);
        $priority = $queueObj->InitialPriority;
<td class="label">
<td class="value">
<input name="Priority" size="3" maxsize="3" value="<%$priority%>" />

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