[rt-devel] sending custom subject in ticket correspondence

Hugo Escobar hescobar at afslc.com
Mon Jan 26 17:09:17 EST 2015


When adding correspondence (new ticket entry) in RT's gui, the user is
allowed to
send a customized subject for that particular transaction. The subject of
the resulting
email has the customized subject instead of the ticket's subject

Could this behavior be reproduced via a REST request?

So far, I have tried this by sending the following content:

id: <the ticket's id>
Action: correspond
Requestor: test_email at somedomain
Subject: some subject related to this entry
Content-Type: text/html
Text: <p>content</p>

The request url is: /REST/1.0/ticket/<ticket id>/comment

It works fine, the only problem being the subject of the resulting email
is the ticket's subject instead of the 'customized' subject

Any help will be appreciated


Hugo Escobar


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