[rt-devel] We're Hiring!

Keri Akmezikyan keri at bestpractical.com
Thu Mar 5 12:54:56 EST 2015

We are looking for a motivated, customer service oriented engineer to participate in all aspects of the software development cycles including requirements gathering, design, development, implementation, upgrades, maintenance and documentation.  You will be responsible for ensuring that new or upgraded systems are fully deployed and functioning per the clients specification.  You will also design and code new functionality or add new functionality to our products to add new features.  Other responsibilities will include debugging issues and correcting defects reported by our users, testing new releases and updating code to address errors and overall performance.  We work in a very dynamic and fast paced environment so you will need to be flexible to handle a consistent variety of things on a daily basis.


You should be a self-starter who has 3+ years experience with Perl, as well as some experience with at least a few of the following buzzwords:

*  Open source development practices
*  Distributed source control (git, branching, patches)
*  Test driven development (smoke testing, Test::More)
*  User interface design (HTML, CSS)
*  Documentation (user-facing, API)
*  Javascript (jQuery, AJAX)
*  SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite)
*  Optimization, profiling and debugging
*  UNIX systems administration (web servers, mail servers)

It’s ok if you don’t know everything out of the gate but you should be able to learn on the fly and be comfortable asking questions before you get in over your head.  Being vocal is a really important quality and being able to manage competing priorities with the help of your colleagues and project manager is key.  RT is a large codebase to dive into, so you should be prepared to work with a project that’s too big to hold in your head all at once.  If you want to see what you’ll be getting yourself into, you can find all of our open source code on github.


You will be working from our office in Somerville, MA.  The hours are somewhat flexible (East or West coast business hours), and we all telecommute some of the time...though we work from our office in the heart of Davis Square most days. While we do a fair amount of our collaboration in-person, you should also be comfortable using email and instant messaging to coordinate and get work done, as we have a few employees in other parts of the globe.


DOE - This is a full-time salaried position, but the details are negotiable. We're a small, self funded company. The standard benefits apply, of course: health insurance, dental insurance, and junk food to make that dental insurance worthwhile.

How to apply:

Send something approximating a cover letter, a resume in plain text, HTML or PDF, and a sample of some code you've written to resumes at bestpractical.com. If you're involved in open source development of one kind or another, please tell us about it. If you have a CPAN ID tell us what it is; we won't consider applications without some sort of code example to look at. We'll be paying particular attention to the readability, comments, and tests.

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