[rt-devel] RT 4.2.10 regression: HTML -> text conversion message for scripts on STDERR

Alex Vandiver alexmv at bestpractical.com
Thu Mar 5 13:32:54 EST 2015

On Thu, 5 Mar 2015 08:55:05 +0100 Christian Loos <cloos at netcologne.de>
> found a little regression in RT 4.2.10.
> RT 4.2.10 started to log a info message which tool is used for HTML ->
> text conversion [1].
> This leads to all scripts, which don't change the default STDERR
> output level (info), to log the above message to STDERR.
> For example for sbin/rt-email-dashboards you get this send by cron
> every hour.

Hm; fair point.  I'd probably be fine stepping this down to a debug
level warning. I do think that most of the automated command-line tools
should default to logging only at "warning", but there's no great way
to do that at current.  3ce1ac4ee and a2afc4e4 are a step in this
direction, but in 4.2 they explicitly only are used in non-cron

 - Alex

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