[rt-devel] RT 4.4.0rc1 released

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz arekm at maven.pl
Tue Nov 3 16:08:52 EST 2015

On Tuesday 03 of November 2015, Shawn Moore wrote:

>  * Attachments can now be stored outside of the database either on disk, in
>    Dropbox, or on Amazon S3. Attachments can also be directly served from 

I assume shredder supports removing things from external sources, too?

Nevermind... just found in docs that "This feature is not currently compatible 
with RT's shredder tool; attachments which are shredded will not be removed 
from external storage."

>   * The mailgate has been completely redesigned and modernized.

Were [rt-bugs #31065] and [rt-bugs #31064]  fixed? (don't see these in 
changelog on git master)

Would be also nice if "Ticket creation failed ... No permission to create 
tickets in the queue" bounces were customizable.

In our setup we revoke access to rt for all users who send spam... and then we 
get new spam from these users to our $OwnerEmail address because rt sends "No 
permission..." errors to owner :-/

Option to ignore such emails (to disabled users) or bounce to sender (instead 
to owner) would be nice.

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz, arekm / ( maven.pl | pld-linux.org )

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