[rt-devel] RT 4.4.0rc1 - post-upgrade notes

Parish, Brent bparish at cognex.com
Fri Nov 20 14:24:37 EST 2015

Hi Shawn!

Glad to be of help (testing)

>> * In the WebUI, under "Logged in as..." -> Settings -> About Me 
>> Triggers a warning level message in the log about replacing the 
>> deprecated /User/Prefs.html with /Prefs/AboutMe.html

> I’m not seeing this warning. Grepping the code for 'User/Prefs' also shows that it’s not being linked to in 4.4. I wonder if you have a local customization of /Elements/Tabs or some such?

I don't know how you managed that piece of magic, but apparently you changed something on my server because now I cant replicate that either!!  ;)
I likely missed a re-start (or clearing Mason cache), or perhaps its exactly as you said and I changed local customizations after reporting that.
Very sorry for the run-around!!!  

>> * For Apache Kerberos web authentication with Active Directory to 
>> work, I had to remove the old 'patch' to lib/RT/Authen/ExternalAuth.pm 
>> I was using (from ... ) and instead go back to using Set($WebRemoteUserAuth, 1); in my RT_SiteConfig.pm file.

> Thank you. Is there anything we could do better for you here?

Not at all!  I appreciate the thought though!  
I was using that code mod to enable web auth to work in conjunction with Apache Kerberos and everything Just Works inside native RT now!  

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