[rt-devel] RT::Extension::ExternalStorage

Alex Vandiver alex at chmrr.net
Tue Sep 1 03:16:01 EDT 2015

On Tue, Sep 01, 2015 at 08:08:38AM +0200, Emmanuel Manganneau wrote:
> I looked over ExternalStorage and had the same questions than yours
> (in your first post) : direct storage on disk and reuse of files.
> ExternalStorage is a backup solution : the "master" data are in the
> DB and that's not what I wanted.

ExternalStorage move sdata out of the database as soon as it is
successfully stored externally.  It is not kept in the database, and
the database does not need to be vacuumed.  The initial storage in the
database is needed to ensure durability of the data, in case of file
permission failure, or network failure (in the case of the cloud
storage options).  It is not a backup solution.

It also does de-duplicate files, so I'm unclear what you mean by that
 - Alex

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