[rt-devel] inplace development environment setup issue

Sam Hanes sam at maltera.com
Thu Aug 4 13:29:01 EDT 2016

On 08/04/2016 08:13 AM, Jim Brandt wrote:
> Based on the logs, RT can't find lib/RT/Generated.pm. That file is
> created when you run configure. You should see this line in the
> configure output when you run it:
>     config.status: creating lib/RT/Generated.pm

Configure does emit that line, and the file does exist.

Also note that the vast majority of the tests pass (only 42 of 29311 are
failing), which I don't think would be happening if `Generated.pm` were
actually missing. The problem with `Generated.pm` only seems to be
present in the upgrade script syntax checks in `99-policy.t`.

Most of the remaining failed tests seem to have something to do with
text encoding and plaintext conversion.

> Although I also notice that the path looks like it's adding an extra slash:
>     Can't locate lib//RT/Generated.pm

I thought that was the issue at first too, but my production instance of
RT is generating the same path and it seems to work fine.

> Can you start RT using the standalone server?
>     sbin/rt-server --port 8080

Yes, the server starts correctly and I can access RT just fine.

I also tried starting over from a clean checkout:

     git remote update central
     git reset --hard central/master
     git clean -fdx

     for db in $(mysql <<<"show databases;" | grep rt4); do
         mysql <<<"drop database \`$db\`;"

     ./configure --with-my-user-group \
         --enable-layout=inplace --enable-developer
     make testdeps
     make initdb

     make test 2>&1 | tee testlog.txt

But that produced identical test results.

> On 8/2/16 3:26 AM, Sam Hanes wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm trying to get an RT development and testing environment set up, but
>> there doesn't seem to be much documentation. The "Setting up a
>> development environment" section of the "Hacking" doc is empty:
>> https://docs.bestpractical.com/rt/4.4.1/hacking.html#Setting-up-a-development-environment
>> I checked out the master branch from git and used the configure command
>> from the "Test suite" section of the "Hacking" doc:
>>     ./configure.ac --with-my-user-group --enable-layout=inplace
>> --enable-developer
>> `make testdeps` is passing. I've set up RT_DBA_USER to give the tests
>> access to my local MariaDB 10.0.25 server and I'm running the tests with
>> `make test`.
>> Unfortunately I'm seeing some failures. I've attached a log of the test
>> output. Am I missing some needed configure arguments? Is the full test
>> suite currently expected to pass clean on master?
>> Is there documentation on developer setup that I've missed?
>> Thanks,
>> Sam Hanes
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