[rt-users] Coockie problems with proxies

Karsten Thygesen karthy at kom.auc.dk
Thu Apr 6 17:08:49 EDT 2000


I have just installed RT with our ~20 people large helpdesk at SunSITE
Denmark. It works just fine, and have handled more than 20 requests in
the first hour. Great.

We have discovered two problems:

* Our queue memebers get cookies to the web thingy based on their IP
  adress, right? Now, some of our queue members goes through a bunch
  of load-balancing proxies, so their IP adress changes constantly and
  hence is denied access. Is there any easy solution to that problem?

* Our local characters (æøå - yes, I hate them too, but they are
  widely used!) is often transfered as Quoted Printable, and it works
  well _if_ the MIME-Version along with Content-Transfer-Encoding
  headers was preserved, but RT seems to strip them when forwarding

Is any work going on in this direction, or should I start digging
myself? I use rt-1.1-CVS

Otherwise, that for the really nice product!

Best regards,

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