[rt-users] upgrade to 1.0.6

Kazu Kimura kimura at ctc.ad.jp
Tue Dec 5 19:51:50 EST 2000

Hello Mr.Takaoka,

Thank you for the contribution.

But it seems to me the main difference between old one and new one
exists only on rt/support/mail.pm.

+     $jis_template = Jcode::jcode($template)->iso_2022_jp; <--This was
      open (MAIL, "|$rt::mailprog $rt::mail_options");
!     print  MAIL "Subject: [$rt::rtname \#". $in_serial_num . "] ($in_queue_id) $mime_subject
! Reply-To: $mime_friendly_name <$temp_mail_alias>
! From: $mime_friendly_name <$temp_mail_alias>
! To: $mime_recipient   
! Cc: $mime_cc
! Bcc: $mime_bcc
  X-Request-ID: $in_serial_num
  X-RT-Loop-Prevention: $rt::rtname
  X-Sender: $in_current_user
  X-Managed-By: Request Tracker $rt::rtversion (http://www.fsck.com/projects/rt)
  Precedence: bulk   <----This was $precedence(2)
                     <----There were some description(3)
! $jis_template


On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 18:53:56 +0900
"Tadashi G. Takaoka" <t2 at uniuni.co.jp> wrote:

> Hello Mr. Kimura.
> 2000-12-05 10:04; Kazu Kimura said:
> >(2) I opened a ticket with rt-mailgate and found Japanase character is
> >garbled after upgrade.  Then I added the patch provided by Mr.Takaoka 
> at www.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/japansese.README.  I don't know why there
> >was no problem in earlier version and I am not sure if I confirm it
> >worked with 1.0.5 because it worked for a very short time.
> I make japanese patch for rt-1.0.6. Our site, upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.
> 6 through 1.0.5 was successed. Japanese character was handled correctly 
> by mail-gate.
> Please try the patch.
> --
>  TAKAOKA is gathering P_O_W_E_R http://www.method.kusatsu.shiga.jp/~t2/
>  "Concurrent Programming in Java", Doug Lea, Addison-Wesley.
>  "Working with XML", Eric Armstrong,
>                             http://java.sun.com/xml/tutorial_intro.html

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