[rt-users] handling large queues

Robert Boyd rboyd at wildcard.pokerspot.com
Wed Dec 6 10:08:30 EST 2000

The basic nature of a queue is that if you're adding to it faster than
you're removing from it, it will soon become unmanagable.

If you're not able to resolve your trouble tickets faster than they come
in, then you need to rethink your solution.


On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Othmar Pasteka wrote:

> hi,
> how do people handle large queues? say, with several hundred to
> over 2 thousend tickets? and there isn't a further sane possibility to
> divide those mails into subqueues. but in general, how am i
> expected to maintain/handle such queues?
> mostly it's a problem because netcrap renders those tables for a
> looong time which sucks more or less.
> tahnks for any hints/tipps.
> so  long
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