[rt-users] Mail-Interface of webrt 1.0.5 seems to be broken?

Christian Kurz Christian.Kurz at planNET.de
Tue Dec 12 09:41:30 EST 2000

On 00-12-12 Gunn, Billy wrote:
> <Snip>
> Currently our installation of rt doesn't allow any customer to send mail to
> an certain address and to incorporate the mail into rt.
> <Snip>

> Christian, can you eloborate more on this issue.  Is the mail returned
> undeliverable? etc. etc.

Yes, no problem. I set up a queue test with the mail address
test at our.doma.in. Now if I send a mail to test at our.doma.in, it will be
returned to me with the following error message:

|There has been an error:
|There has been an error with your request:
|You don't have permission to create requests in this queue. Either you're not a queue
|+member or non-members aren't allowed to create requests in this queue.
|Your message is reproduced below:

This is not acceptable for us, as we want to us this address for
communication with customers and so everyone should be able to create
request in this queue. According to the webinterface, the queue is set
up, so that everyone can create request. 

Version of rt: 1.0.5
Used MTA: exim 3.16
Used Webserver: Apache

I would really appreciate any help to get rt working to show my
colleagues that it's a real cute software with good support for. :)


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