[rt-users] Mail-Interface of webrt 1.0.5 seems to be broken?

Christian Kurz Christian.Kurz at planNET.de
Wed Dec 13 07:40:33 EST 2000

On 00-12-12 Christian Kurz wrote:
> On 00-12-12 Gunn, Billy wrote:
> > <Snip>
> > Currently our installation of rt doesn't allow any customer to send mail to
> > an certain address and to incorporate the mail into rt.
> > <Snip>

> > Christian, can you eloborate more on this issue.  Is the mail returned
> > undeliverable? etc. etc.

> Yes, no problem. I set up a queue test with the mail address
> test at our.doma.in. Now if I send a mail to test at our.doma.in, it will be
> returned to me with the following error message:

So I now changed the setup to use a subdomain for itself and also
changed the exim configuration a bit, so know the first error-message
has dissapperead but I see now this strange one:

There has been an error:                                                                  
There has been an error with your request:                                                
Your message is reproduced below:                                                         

I wrote to test-correspond at tracker.our.domain and I know get the strange
error message above. Has anyone an idea what is still wrong with the rt


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