[rt-users] Re-opening a resolved ticket?

Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Wed Dec 13 02:21:22 EST 2000

Today, I resolved an open item. Normally, I reply to the ticket with the 
solution, and mark it resolved at the same time.

The requestor replied to the resolution (which doesn't seem to me to be an 
unnatural reaction). RT added the reply, and reopened the request. Adding 
the reply is ok. I'd expect that. But re-opening a request shouldn't happen 
from an incoming email. Then a ticket gets closed a second time, with 
another "this ticket is now resolved" message to the requestor. Then they 
reply asking why the ticket got closed twice... Do you see where I'm going? 
(loop loop).

Russ Johnson
Stargate Online

ICQ: 3739685:Airneil

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