[rt-users] Commenting on a request via eMail

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Jul 5 00:57:20 EDT 2000

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 08:37:04PM -0000, Anthony DeBoer wrote:
> Basically, user A wants to comment, and mungs the destination address of
> his mail to the comment address.  RT sends it out to all queue members
> with the queue's e-mail address as sender, and user B wants to followup
> on that comment and dashes off a quick reply.  It gets sent back to the
> requester, and now A and B both have egg on their faces and B had better
> run out the door quickly before A makes it over to his cube.
It's a known deficiency. In 2.0, we get a per-queue comments address. (as
well as a global comments address as a fallback)

> Presently I'm kneedeep in an RT installation; I like it muchly, but I and
> various cow orkers are finding bit and pieces we'd like to do a bit
> differently.  I'm starting to put together a shopping list and collection
> of proposed patches and hope to have something for the list soon.  Will
> there be another 1.0.x release, or has 2.0 branched off already?  Having
> started getting into the code, I'm going to go subscribe to rt-devel.

There will continue to be new 1.0.x releases for the immediate future, though
they're almost all "bugfix only" releases. 2.0 is a ground up rewrite. If you
think you'll be hacking on RT, we encourage you to do your hacking on the 2.0 code.
It's much cleaner and I think you'll enjoy working on it a lot more than the 1.0.x code.

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