[rt-users] Commenting on a request via eMail

mboldi at shore.net mboldi at shore.net
Mon Jul 10 15:24:06 EDT 2000

Yes User B should be fired ...  But ...

I wish RT would handle cc's internally.

 1) I cannot place mail commands into a correspondance without giving out
    my password to anyone I choose to CC.
1a) RT should read the email, execute the commands, and forward the response
    (or create) with the %RT mail commands stripped out to all cc'd individuals

 2) I would like to keep as psuedo-requestors, anyone who was cc'd on
    create and responces.  This way involved parties (other than the requestor)
    would be kept in the loop.

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Tobias Brox wrote:

> > Basically, user A wants to comment, and mungs the destination address of
> > his mail to the comment address.  RT sends it out to all queue members
> > with the queue's e-mail address as sender, and user B wants to followup
> > on that comment and dashes off a quick reply.  It gets sent back to the
> > requester, and now A and B both have egg on their faces and B had better
> > run out the door quickly before A makes it over to his cube.
> Yep.  This is actually a problem.  RT2 handles this better.
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