[rt-users] Disappearing messages?

Andrew aos at insync.net
Fri Jul 21 15:50:36 EDT 2000

Has anyone else experienced disappearing message syndrome with RT?  We're
running the latest release version of RT (and loving it) but lately
messages have started disappearing!  It's really weird.

Sometimes a message will make it as far the web tool (it gets into the
transaction history), but never makes it to the customer (I find no
matching sendmail log entries either).  Other times a message doesn't even
make it into the web tool, but seems to disappear into thin air.

The worst part is I can't find any consistency.  If we resend the exact
same message, it'll usually work the second time.  I haven't been able to
do a lot of investigation of the problem due to this lack of consistency.  
I plan to dig a little deeper, but thought I'd check with the list to see
if anyone else has experienced something similar or has any tips for how
to go about diagnosing the problem.

Andrew O. Smith - <aos at insync.net>
Sysadmin, Insync Internet Services
Houston, Texas, USA

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