[rt-users] RT with phone suppor?

Jim Archer jim at archer.net
Sat Jul 22 12:26:12 EDT 2000

Thanks, Tobias.

If I understand the RT docs correctly, RT receives an email for an initial 
contact and generates an entry in a database from that entry. Maybe I'm 
wrong on this?

Reguarding phone support, what I was thinking was not that RT would answer 
the phone and take a message, but that a human support person would answer 
the call and use something like a web interface to make an entry into the 
database directly, without having received the email from the customer. So 
I guess I could code up such a program (if it does not exist) or I could 
just have the support staff send an email.

Also, is there any way a customer can use a web interface to check the 
status of their support request?

Thanks again!


--On Saturday, July 22, 2000 3:44 PM +0200 Tobias Brox 
<tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com> wrote:

>> I was wondering how well RT works in an environment where most of the
>> support requests come to the support staff by phone.
> RT is made for emails, not for phone requests.  But it might work, just
> use "comment" to put in details about the phonecall, and update the told
> whenever a phonecall has occurred.  I know there are commercial packages
> out there that, at least according to the salesmen, should be perfectly
> capable for handling phone-calls.
> In RT2, it's possible to put in attachments.  Maybe audio attachments
> would be an option? :)
>> Also, can I create different status entries, like "escelated to level 2
>> support" if I need to?
> The best thing would be to have a separate queue for level 2 support.  In
> RT1, you just move the thing to the right queue.  Another option is to set
> the owner to somebody working at 2nd support.
> The bad thing about moving it to another queue is that there will not be
> sent mail about it (in RT1, at least - actually I don't think we're
> supporting queue moving in RT2 for the time beeing?  I think we should :)
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