[rt-users] RT with phone suppor?

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Sat Jul 22 12:47:57 EDT 2000

> If I understand the RT docs correctly, RT receives an email for an initial 
> contact and generates an entry in a database from that entry. Maybe I'm 
> wrong on this?

RT initiates a request (or a "ticket") in the database upon either

- an incoming email
- somebody entering a ticket through the web pages
- somebody entering a ticket through the command line tools

I guess it might be difficult making a ticket without issuing an email
address, as the requestors are identified by email addresses rather than

In RT2 (sorry, I don't have a clue about when RT 2.0 will be ready) each
requestor will also have an entry in the user table, so it will be
possible to attach more information to them, like phonenum, comments, etc.

> Reguarding phone support, what I was thinking was not that RT would answer 
> the phone and take a message, but that a human support person would answer 
> the call and use something like a web interface to make an entry into the 
> database directly, without having received the email from the customer.

That's how I also understood it.  Though maybe in RT 4.5 (due to summer
2015), we should also have a built-in automatical telephone answering
system in RT ... if telephones still are beeing used in 2015 ;))

> Also, is there any way a customer can use a web interface to check the 
> status of their support request?

In RT1, this is not possible (except if you hack in some hooks for it).
It is one of the promised features for RT 2.0.

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