[rt-users] +1 for "more of the same"

Marc Hedlund marc at popularpower.com
Tue Jul 25 01:52:22 EDT 2000

Sorry to see the "fork" thread.

Our company just picked up rt last week, and we're now using it across a
bunch of different areas -- user feedback, jobs, etc. This is the first
time in my experience that a makefile properly built a database table
_and_ a setuid cgi script and had them both work out of the box.  Pretty
impressive.  Yeah, there are UI things we want to tweak, and mime handling
sure would be great.  But really rt has completely changed the way we're
working.  (Mostly for the better -- except when we just want to play with
the damn thing all the time.)

We've found rt to be stable, very easy to install, very functional, and
with a very good approach to feature inclusion.  This general type of tool
could have more knobs and buttons than the space shuttle, but rt has a
very good, minimal set of functionality that makes it easy for everyone in
the company to use.  If design is the process of removing features until
the product is done, the design is optimal.

So whatever process got rt to its current state, please count this as +1
for continuing that process.  Its resulting product is awesome.

-Marc <marc at popularpower.com>

	     Give your computer something to dream about.    (tm)
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