[rt-users] +1 for "more of the same"

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Tue Jul 25 16:03:26 EDT 2000

On 07/24/00, Marc Hedlund <marc at popularpower.com> wrote: 

> We've found rt to be stable, very easy to install, very functional, and
> with a very good approach to feature inclusion.  This general type of tool
> could have more knobs and buttons than the space shuttle, but rt has a
> very good, minimal set of functionality that makes it easy for everyone in
> the company to use.  If design is the process of removing features until
> the product is done, the design is optimal.

	The big expensive commercial tracking systems are the ones with
	insane amounts of features; one of the reasons we decided to go
	with RT at MAPS is that it's simple and does what we want (mostly),
	and we can get the source to hack in anything else that's needed.

	As for helping with code...I think that once RT2 is stable in
	the eyes of the developers, there'll be other folks ready to add
	any remaining needed functionality.  But when it's not yet ready
	for production, adding features can be difficult -- never know
	if they'll need to be rewritten when other things change.

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