[rt-users] Commenting on a request via eMail

Matthias Ivers ivers at realophob.de
Mon Jun 19 05:37:36 EDT 2000


    in rt_users_guide.html the following is said:

--- snip ---
"The most common way to comment or reply to a message is to use email.
        To comment, simply reply to an RT message or create a new
message with
        the following string in the subject:

        [RequestTracker #<request id>]

        To reply, simply reply to the message and Cc: the requestor."
--- snip ---

However - it does not work for me. I think that the rt_users_guide.html
assumes a non standard setup. I have installed rt the way it is
described in the documentation. In my aliases I forward mail to the

rt-errors:    "|/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate    errors    correspond"

I could add another alias which uses "comment" and change the address of
the queue in admin-webrt to the "comment-only"-alias and it would work,
but the way it is described in the users guide is much better.

How can I configure rt to behave as described in the users guide??? (or
is the users guide out of date??)



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