[rt-users] RT Statistics Packages.

Jeffrey H. Johnson jeff+rt at websitefactory.net
Wed Mar 8 15:01:15 EST 2000

I hate to ask this, but I used to have a large RT archive, but I recently
lost in when moving to the jeff+rt at websitefactory.net, and I see that the
archives at fsck go back only one month.

Somebody mentioned that he had statistics software, which was 'very good'
with both the support teams and the bosses.  Do you remember which one this
was?  And where I might find it.  I've been told we 'need stats'.

Gotta love those requests from the suits.  Have a great day. :)

Jeffrey H. Johnson - jeff at websitefactory.net - System Administration - TrN
Barnet Worldwide Enterprises - The Website Factory - www.websitefactory.net

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