[rt-users] RT and http external authentication

Chris Blackmor chris.blackmor at amd.com
Mon Mar 20 16:15:16 EST 2000

RT Version: 1.0.2
System:     Sun Ultra 2 running 5.6 with Recommended and Y2K patches installed.
Perl:	    perl5.00502
Browser:    4.61
Local mods: None


Problem 1:  We are using http authentication instead of cookies because
	    our user base is about 200 people in the group.  We did not
	    want to have to re-enter (or have the users re-enter) data
	    that is already stored in our http authentication file.

	    That said... A user that doesn't have a specific RT account
	    in the RT database but is authenticated via the external 
	    method cannot see the open tickets in the database.  Also
	    when that user clicks "Logout" it never actually logs the 
	    user out.  It is probably a mistake on my part in the installation
	    but I am not sure what I mucked up.

	    We would like any user that gets authenticated to be able to
	    view all open tickets without having a specific RT account.

Problem 2:  I have probably screwed up allowing users on other 
	    machines than the server that the RT app is running on 
	    to use the command line interface to create tickets.
	    We get the following error when we try to run the rt commands
	    from a machine other than our server (server=ambia while the
	    user is sitting at a machine named carib).

	    carib 171 /u/rt/bin > ./rt
	    Mysql->connect failed: Host 'carib' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server at /u/rt/lib/rt/database.pm line 24
	    [connectdb] Database connect failed: Host 'carib' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Sorry if these issues are documented elsewhere and I have added mail to 
the scads you all probably receive.  Please point me to the correct doc
if this is indeed the case.

Thanks for your time.
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