[rt-users] q_status

Eric Fisher efisher at solution-soft.com
Sun Mar 26 01:38:44 EST 2000

Hi.  We've been running RT here for about 3 months now.  Great product!  
We just upgraded to 1.0.2, and we have one thing we were wondering about.  
Is it possible to change and/or add categories to the q_status list?  
How difficult is it and how much needs to be hacked or modified?  Also,
I've seen in the source that there should be an 'unresolved' status, but
in our interface, we don't get that option.  Is there some way to activate
that or is there a problem for databases that get upgraded from a pre
1.0.2 database?

Thanks for your help.

-Eric Fisher
SolutionSoft Systems, Inc.

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