[rt-users] can't stop creating new tickets!

Forrest Aldrich forrie at forrie.com
Wed Mar 29 13:42:45 EST 2000

Boy, sure glad I asked about this topic.... there really should be some 
limits in there, somewhere/somehow.  :)


At 01:41 PM 3/29/00 -0500, Janet Hanseth wrote:
>Hey all,
>Just got RT working (version 1.0.1, latest version of perl, solaris 2.6),
>and every time a user replies to the auto-response (or our response), a
>new ticket is created.  This happens even when the subject line remains
>the same; it happens when I remove the Re: in front of the subject line,
>it happens when the only thing in the subject line is what should go
>between the [ ].
>The one thing I can think of is that, since we couldn't get mySQL to
>compile on the same server as our mail server, we devised an ugly hack to
>get the RT mail from the mail server to our mySQL/RT server.
>Anyone seen this before?  Might it be a problem with our database setup,
>or is there a faster and easier fix?
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