[rt-users] can't stop creating new tickets!

Stephen Hauskins stephen at mendel.ucsc.edu
Wed Mar 29 14:14:45 EST 2000

I am not sure if these mechanisms belong in the RT system.

Sendmail has many features to avoid virtually all spamming problems.

Sendmail can check and deny email based on:

database can be created to accept or reject mail from selected domains.
blacklist function that blocks from certain users/domains.
refuse mail if the MAIL FROM: parameter is not fully qualified 
plus of course, disallowing relaying.

Stephen Hauskins
> > Boy, sure glad I asked about this topic.... there really should be some 
> > limits in there, somewhere/somehow.  :)
> We absolutely haven't thought of that.  Follow up to rt-devel if you have
> suggestions.
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