[rt-users] Another feature idea

Elaine -HFB- Ashton elaine at chaos.wustl.edu
Thu Mar 30 10:53:40 EST 2000

Jesse [jesse at fsck.com] quoth:
*>Actually, RT 1.1 allows you to specify how long you spend on tickets. I 
*>think that might make a better base for weighted statistics than an
*>arbitrary complexity field.

Well, time doesn't always equal complexity either, e.g. something that
takes an experienced person 5mins might tax a greenhorn for a couple hours
or more. 

Hmm.. what about a user profile that could be customised per experience
level? This way if you have a jr admin who took on 2 challenging tasks is
rewarded in the statistics. Just an idea though it's probably more trouble
than it's worth.

IIRC Vantive produces statistics but nothing terribly sophisticated, just
user or group and numbers of tickets over a given time period. 


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