[rt-users] Unwieldy users list...

Eric Goodman ericg at cats.ucsc.edu
Mon May 1 17:31:01 EDT 2000

>  > I can see as I add new users and queues that the list of users going
>>  down the side of a new queue creation page is going to quickly become
>>  unwieldy.  Any suggestions or has this already been addressed in v2?
>Yeah, that has been a problem here also.  The v2 admin interface hasn't
>been made yet, but we should think of some better solution.  Suggestions?
>Maybe optionally allow people to enter a login instead of selecting from a

One possibility would be two drop downs, one where you select the 
user name, the other where you select the access rights, and a button 
to assign the selected rights. (Pro: takes very little screen space; 
Con: requires separate action for each user)

Another possibility is creating a separate page for assignment of 
queue rights. This could be linked from the main queue page and could 
be more densely populated with users/rights pairs (e.g., a full table 
rather than a single column). This could also allow for sorting by 
user or "current access" rights. (Pro: minimizes screen space; Con: 
requires new screen/separate action -- complicates admin interface).

On a related note (to manageability of users), I'd be interested in 
some sort of external authentication API (to allow authentication 
separate from username/passwords in the rt database).

--- Eric

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