[rt-users] Re: external auth

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Tue May 2 16:10:52 EDT 2000

On 05/02/00, Jim Rowan <jmr at computing.com> wrote: 

> jesse> I'll ponder this.  Do people who want an external authentication
> jesse> mechanism want it in addition to rt internal authentication or instead
> jesse> of it?  Additionally, will _all_ users use the external mechanism or
> jesse> only some users?
> I have two installations (in two places), both would benefit from external
> authentication.

	External authentication would be good here, too -- we're already
	using kerberos inside of apache-ssl, so it'd make sense for any 
	web-based applications running on that server to use the same 
	form of authentication.

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