[rt-users] Requestor gets his own reply too

Jesper Holm Olsen dunkel at diku.dk
Wed May 3 05:32:26 EDT 2000

Hmm. In the admin-webinterface there is a note: "(requestors will
always be sent copies of all correspondence.)". 

I find it rather annoying that a requestor who sends a request, get an
answer from me and when answering that, gets a copy of his own reply. 

Could someone point me to the place, where you could place a check on
requestor and sender, to see if the requestor should get the mail.

Jesper Holm Olsen,  Department of Computer Science and Department of 
                    Film and Media studies, University of Copenhagen
Email: dunkel at diku.dk * Homepage: http://www.diku.dk/students/dunkel

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