[rt-users] Problems with the installation of rt 1.0.2

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Wed May 3 07:29:47 EDT 2000

Fischer Oliver wrote
> I've tried to install rt on a FreeBSD Box. The installation was
> successfull, but if I access via HTTP, I get a 'Internal Servererror'.
> The same porblem occurs if I try it on a commandline. The errormessage
> is 'Undefined subroutine CGI::Vars'.
> Do someone know this problem?

Sounds like you haven't installed CGI.pm


perl -MCPAN -e shell;

and then

install CGI

if memory serves correctly.

Anil Madhavapeddy - http://recoil.org

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