[rt-users] mails are not recognized as comments

Rainer Weigle weigle at dkrz.de
Thu May 4 04:25:22 EDT 2000

Hi everyone,

I've got the following problem:
If I send a mail to rt (1.0.3) as a reply to some transaction mail or
the autoreply-mail from  rt it depends on the mail tool I use, if this mail
will be recognized as a comment.
A mail sent with kmail (reply button) or elm will create a new request instead
of a comment, while a mail send with netscape messenger or eudora (as reply
to the same mail from rt) will create a comment.  
I' ve looked a the mail headers a little bit bit but can't figure out the
the scheme.
Any hints ??

Bye Rainer

Rainer Weigle - MPI fuer Meteorologie
weigle at dkrz.de
040 / 41173 - 373 

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