[rt-users] Difference between ages

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Tue May 16 13:09:30 EDT 2000

> I've looked through the list archives and read the manual, but I'm not clear
> on the difference between:  "Told", "Age", and "Last".  Here's my guesses:
> Last:		the amount of time since a request was last responded to
> Age:		the amount of time since a request was created
> Told:		... no idea ...

Hm ... this question has been asked before, maybe it should be included in
the FAQ?  At least it is in some docs there.

Last is the last action ... regardless of whether it's from or to the
requestor, or if it's a comment.

Told is last time we touched the user somehow.  There is a link to update
this from RT that should be used when communication is done outside RT.

> It would be nice to know the total time that a request took from when it was
> opened until when it was resolved.  In other words, if the clock would "stop
> clicking" for a request once it had been marked as resolved.

This is the secound request for this feature in a short time now.  It
sounds like a nice feature to me.  Anyway, we have to priority a stable
and usable 2.0 release as for now.

tobix at fsck.com

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